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Woman Warriors: Stories from the Thin Blue Line

It is not often we do book reviews here. And reading an advance copy of this title, frankly I am mesmerized. While the book will not be released until September, I must say it is certainly worth the wait.

Recently I found out that the author has a word press blog interviewing each of the contributing authors. The hinge point is they’re all women that work in law enforcement.

Our news staff pasted the advance copy from one team member to another, either with teary eyes and/or that wide-eyed look.

That is pretty remarkable in itself since as a team while we work well together, you cannot necessarily get all of us to agree that gravity on earth exists. A couple people feel there is no gravity on earth, that the world sucks. And that’s why we say planted on the ground.

You might want to see some of the interviews for yourself at:

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Praise for Women Warriors: Stories From The Thin Blue Line

Often dismissed is the true warrior role so many women play in law enforcement. Wills brings that role into sharp focus.

Frank Borelli, Editor,

Women Warriors provides a window into the challenges of day-to-day policing—told from a woman’s perspective . . . an intriguing and worthwhile read.

Alan Jacobson, National Bestselling Author of Inmate 1577

Wills shines a light on the courage and tenacity of the profession’s female Warriors”

Dave “Buck Savage” Smith, Internationally renowned police trainer

A powerful, deeply moving book. Filled with tales of courage, sacrifice and steely warrior determination. Powerful proof that the warrior spirit knows no gender!

Dave Grossman, Lt. Col. USA (ret.) Author of On Combat and On Killing

John’s book reminds us there are women in this profession taking their turn “Walking the Point.”

Terry G. Hillard, Retired Superintendent Chicago Police Department

A rare glimpse into the lives of women in law enforcement.

Noah Boyd, NYT best-selling author of The Bricklayer


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